Turnkey COVID-19 COntact Tracing

ExpoSURE is an off the shelf product.  It can be branded or customized very quickly for your organization.  Your data can be segregated in a dedicated environment, or it can be in a shared environment.  With just a few specifications, your customers or citizens can be part of your solution for the path to normalcy.

GPS Based Tracing

ExpoSURE uses geolocation data from users’ phones to trace contacts. Unlike Bluetooth solutions, users do not need to be in the same place at the same time record a contact.

BRANDED & Customized

Branded and deployed to your specifications. ExpoSURE white labels our technology with your name, icons and languages.

Dashboards & Integration

Reporting is available for public health officials to monitor risk and identify potential hotspots. ExpoSURE provides dashboard capabilities and API based integration with systems such as case management and testing databases.

Privacy - Secure & Anonymous

User data is anonymous. The tracking ID for each install is a random unique identifier. ExpoSURE cannot track the data back to an individual, unless they opt-in via your organization’s custom requirements. 

To that end, we do not track any location data near their home. We only track when they are moving at walking speed or slower.  This greatly reduces the amount of geolocation data and leads to far fewer patterns to identify a user.

Contact Tracing Made Easy

Geolocation Tracing

ExpoSURE leverages the power of smart phone technology by passively collecting GPS geolocation data on users' mobile device. Unlike solutions proposed by Apple and Google, this technology is ready to deploy and is better because it does not rely on Bluetooth proximity data.

Scalable & Ready Today

Built for growth and tested for millions of users, our technology stack is ready for your wide scale deployment.

Real Time Data

Dashboards, reports, and integration APIs ensure that health care organizations and government entities have access to the data they need to stay informed and be proactive.

End User Notifications

ExpoSURE users see maps tracing their contacts with users that report COVID symptoms. They are notified whenever their exposure status changes.

Symptom Tracking

Your organization specifies what level of detail you want your users to self report. ExpoSURE has a template, but it is customized for your specific data set.


ExpoSURE apps have been designed for multi-lingual presentation. New languages can be added quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated or Shared Data

Different organizations have different goals. Your ExpoSURE apps can utilize dedicated enironments or a shared environment. Dedicated environments segregate your data into completely different servers.


Our founders each have 20+ years of technology leadership experience at large public companies and startups, with extensive digital health expertise.